What is Sirius-D ?

Sirius-D is a food supplement made of a unique combination of only pure natural ingredients, which in fact represent - totally clean nutrients. This product has undeniable and proven amazing health benefits, which improve, support and strengthen our real health, physical and mental well-being and maintain our state of being young and vital, our youthful appearance. Although Sirius-D is into the group of dietary supplements, the fact remains that even until today, it cannot and definitely has no substitute among the other products and cannot be compared with any other existing food supplement.

Sirius-D not only maintains our health, but is actually our most valuable tool for disease prevention.

It also helps us quickly and effectively to recover after different diseases we might have already been through, preventing us from their further eventual complications.

Although Sirius-D is practically pure food, it is a particular, a unique, the most beneficial to our health - type of food. That is the reason why professor Dimitrov describes it as - The Fourth Type of Food, to which, no matter how healthy, balanced and varied our daily diet is, we do not and cannot have access to it. The components in Sirius-D are not available in what we eat, even if our daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids is rich enough, no matter if every day we receive all the vitamins and minerals we need.

This product contains complex low-molecule polypeptide chains, including as well all the necessary and indispensable for our health - types of complex amino acids. This unique, phenomenally successful product gives the ability of our human organism to quickly accept and fully absorb all the needed proteins and all the others, indispensable for our health, nutritional substances. But its major advantage for our human health is that Sirius-D is giving the possibility to our human organism to recover and regenerate alone, by itself.

This formula, which gives us the full combination of all nutritional constituents we need in order to maintain our health is the main reason, which makes this product exceptional and unique. Sirius-D represents the only one formula of its kind invented until today.

How is Sirius-D constantly and regularly maintaining and increasing our health stability?

1.On the first place, Sirius-D is our strongest health maintenance tool and preventative disease strategy.

2.But, if in case we have already suffered some serious age-related disorders or have been through some disease presentations then, on the second place, this product comes to be of particular importance to restore and retain control of our health again.

The way Sirius-D restores our health is done through the excellent effect it has on all kinds of connective tissue problems and degeneration in the human body.Sirius-D improves, supports and regenerates all human organs and tissues. It restores damaged structures within internal organs, it improves the declined health and vitality of our cells when tissues and cells have undergone damage, preventing further complications of disease, improving and restoring normal organ function.

We know that human connective tissue ages with time, and degenerates progressively due to various illnesses. Two-thirds of the human body volume is connective tissue.

The fact is that Sirius-D supports and restores the connective tissue; it removes the ill tissue - so called granulation tissue, that is to say, the diseased connective tissue in our human organs. This ill, granulation connective tissue is formed in our organisms as a result of various diseases, which might be - cardiovascular, pulmonary, liver, renal, infectious, traumatic, surgical operations, bacterial and autoimmune complication processes, radiation damages, etc. This newly formed, ill tissue causes serious functional disturbances in the affected human organs. In case it is formed in kidneys, we may suffer from renal insufficiency, renal failure, and sometimes transplantation or hemodialysis may be needed. If granulation tissue cells are formed in liver, then fatty tissue accumulates over them and this leads to serious diseases. In case granulation tissue affects the musculoskeletal system, serious degenerative problems may happen. When a heart valve is affected, it may often require replacement by an artificial one. Heart attacks and strokes are an often result of problems in the cardiovascular system. Sirius-D helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, keeps artery walls more elastic, reduces the risk of heart attack, arterial atherosclerotic disease, reduces the risk of stroke, regulates cholesterol, helps stroke recovery.

Manifestations are numerous and various, and may be all over the body. Yet, it is always the formation of this ill tissue. Application of Sirius-D removes and destroys this kind of created ill tissue, which cannot perform further its normal functions; Sirius-D resorbs it and replaces it by the respective functional, healthy connective tissue in our internal organs.

The human body is constructed by the same cellular structures, where the major constructive materials are proteins; i.e. all organs and tissues are constructed by the same material. This explains why Sirius-D is helping us in such a broad spectrum of diseases.

Sirius-D affects most rapidly the organs with constantly high amount of circulating blood. Through blood circulation Sirius-D quickly reaches the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes, etc.

Sirius-D cannot stop inflammatory and infectious processes. Yet, after these processes have already been mastered, Sirius-D restores the human organism from the damages.